about us

Welcome to Gerhardt Studios, a boutique agency dedicated to helping businesses thrive on social media. Our team comprises in-house specialists in marketing, photography, videography, and graphic design, allowing us to deliver unmatched service quality at a competitive cost. With nearly 100 managed social media profiles for over 20 businesses, we publish over 2,000 posts in some months.

We help brands tell their story.

welcome to gerhardt studios

Dean and Nicole Gerhardt, founders of Gerhardt Studios, bring their extensive experience in marketing, photography, and videography to the forefront. As partners, they lead a team of six talented marketers, photographers, and designers who are passionate about creating exceptional content for our clients.

our mission

Our mission is to collaborate with businesses to create content that builds their audience, elevates their brand, and helps them sell more products.

our vision

We strive to be an irreplaceable partner of our client’s business, delivering exceptional value every step of the way.

our values

We value honesty and constant innovation.
the folks behind the magic

meet the team

nicole gerhardt


Hello there! I’m Nicole Gerhardt, one half of the dynamic duo behind Gerhardt Studios! Alongside Dean, my amazing husband and partner, our mission is to provide exceptional products and services to empower our clients’ success.

When it comes to building strong relationships, my approach is simple: ask insightful questions and truly listen to what others have to say. It’s all about understanding and connecting on a deeper level.

“One life.
Just one.
Why aren’t we running like we are on fire towards our wildest dreams. “

My professional journey began in the world of photography. I graduated from the SIAST Applied Photography program in 2010 and since then, I’ve captured countless weddings and beautiful family portraits. Traveling to different destinations, and witnessing love all over the world, has been an incredible privilege.

Now, my passion lies in marketing businesses and helping them grow!

I have a fascination with all things magical and mystical.

Fantasy worlds with unicorns, dragons, and whimsical realms truly ignite my imagination.

I also find joy in music, doodling (especially children’s art), and taking early morning walks. Despite being a proficient extrovert, I’m an introvert through and through.

dean gerhardt


How’s it going! I’m Dean Gerhardt, the other half of Gerhardt Studios!

Bio coming soon

emma colin

lead designer

Howdy! I’m Emma and I design things! Like, all of the things.

I joined the awesome crew at Gerhardt in 2021. Little did Nicole and Dean know, they’d be stuck with me ever since! I’m like a design-loving barnacle clinging to their ship.

Ever since I was a wee child, I’ve been obsessed with creativity and design. You’ll catch me frequenting museums, wandering through galleries, immersing myself in nature, and marvelling at architecture—all in search of inspiration for my next project.

Simply put, I’m living the dream, doing what I absolutely adore. Let’s create something extraordinary together!

Behold, the reigning champion of silliness in the entire land—none other than Frankie, the feline extraordinaire. This mischievous ball of fur never fails to brighten my day with his playful antics.

Now, let me assure you that my next statement is backed by solid evidence and absolutely zero bias (ahem). Frankie, despite his knack for being highly distracting and occasionally dozing off on the job, holds the coveted title of being the finest Gerhardt employee.

In the wild world of comparisons, I found myself caught up in the whirlwind. But then I stumbled upon these four magical words. They became my guiding mantra, reminding me to stay in my own lane and keep hustling.

“Work hard. Be patient.”

Now, I must confess, my memory is a bit of a slippery fish. So, to ensure these words stick with me like a permanent post-it note, I made the (not-so) daring move of getting them inked on my arm. It’s like having a personal reminder that whispers, “Hey you, stay focused and keep grinding!”

So, armed (literally) with my trusty tattoo and an unwavering determination, I’m ready to conquer the world while staying true to myself.

In the office, I’ve earned the title of the “Playlist Connoisseur.” Music is my secret sauce for creating the perfect ambiance, and I take my playlist curation skills to the next level. Picture this: handcrafted playlists spanning over 14 hours, meticulously designed to ignite spontaneous dance parties and put smiles on everyone’s faces. Because who says work can’t be a groove?

When I’m not cracking bad jokes, you’ll find me indulging in my eclectic range of hobbies. I’m an avid fan of watching Top Chef, as it combines my love for food and the thrill of competition. But that’s not all—I’m also a weightlifting enthusiast, an aspiring painter, and a not-so-green-thumbed gardener.

So, if you’re up for some good vibes, a sprinkle of laughter, and a whole lot of creative enthusiasm, I’m your go-to person. Let’s make every moment enjoyable and memorable together!

kerri reynolds

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Oh hi!  I’m Kerri, your friendly neighbourhood Marketing Specialist at Gerhardt Studios! My mission is simple: building robust client relationships by diving deep into their visions and expectations. I want our collaborative content to evoke a sense of pride, ensuring that clients see us as partners who truly grasp their business inside out.

So, let’s embark on this exciting journey together. We’ll navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape, forge meaningful connections, and paint a future that shines brilliantly. Get ready to make waves and create something extraordinary!

One of my favourite quotes iS:

“Everything that you ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

With this in mind, I tackle challenges head-on, pushing boundaries and unlocking infinite possibilities for my clients. I firmly believe that the greatest rewards lie just beyond that intimidating precipice of fear.

With a marketing degree in hand from the University of Regina, I’ve built a sturdy professional foundation that equips me with a diverse arsenal of strategies and tactics. My mission is clear: to help my clients conquer their goals and thrive in their endeavours.

So, join me as we embark on this exciting marketing journey and, perhaps, even embark on our own grand adventures. Together, we’ll conquer new horizons and create a future filled with success and unforgettable experiences!

Life isn’t all about business for me. When I’m not diving deep into marketing campaigns, you’ll find me embracing a balanced lifestyle. On my cherished days off, I’m either hitting the gym to stay fit and energized, enjoying the delightful company of my loyal canine companion, Daisy, or basking in the warmth of quality time with my tight-knit circle of friends.

jessica tran

Social Media Marketing Specialist

Xin chào! (that means “Hello” in Vietnamese). I’m Jessica, a marketing specialist at Gerhardt Studios.

I graduated from the University of Regina with a Marketing major, and joined the Gerhardt Studios team, a wonderful people-orientated marketing agency. My every day involves managing clients’ social media accounts, conducting website research and crafting compelling copy that is tailored for SEO purposes, and creating content for digital and traditional marketing places.

It’s a common misconception that marketing is advertising. In reality, advertising is just a small part of marketing. The marketing functions introduce, communicate, inform, and connect a brand to its customers, whether to sell products, raise awareness, or provide values. Without marketing, there’s no customer, and without customers, there’s no marketing!

I’m a Vietnamese who came to Regina all by myself at 16 to pursue education and start a brand new life. I wanted to meet new people, learn new things, and embrace different cultures. 

I love exploring new places and new cultures. Every time I visit a new place, I’d try to go to as many museums, aquariums, local restaurants and cafes as possible. To ensure I don’t miss any hidden gems, my methods of research are as diverse as the destinations themselves. Sometimes, I rely on the trusty aid of Google to uncover popular tourist spots, while other times, I turn to social media to forge connections with new friends who can provide invaluable local tips and recommendations for the areas I’m eager to explore.

My dream vacation is a one-year journey through every single country (or as many as I can).

“You must be willing to do the things today others won’t do, in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t have”

— Les Brown

Coffee = Daily Joy

My coffee collection includes different kinds of coffee and different brew methods. I usually search all over the world for interesting beans with diverse tasting notes and processing methods. But it’s not just about the taste! The way the coffee trees are grown, harvested, and processed, or the way the coffee is brewed–the science behind it is fascinating. 

It’s a calming and refreshing ritual! I get to choose the coffee that matches my mood every day! 

david ojeda

photographer & videographer

hi there! I’m David. Originally from the Philippines, I became fascinated with video cameras at a young age, playing around with cameras when I was just 9 years old.

When I turned 10, my family relocated to Dubai, and that’s when my love for music and guitar kicked in. I would spend countless hours glued to MTV and Channel V, eagerly awaiting the music videos of Guns N’ Roses’ “Estranged” and “November Rain.”

During my college years in Dubai, I found myself faced with a dilemma. Back then, there were no media-related courses in Dubai, so I pursued a degree in business and accounting.

While working as an accountant in the real estate industry for a decade, I always kept my passion for video and music alive as a side hustle.

In late 2016, I made a bold decision to leave the corporate world behind and fully embrace my passion for video and filmmaking. I dove headfirst into self-study, obtained certifications, and sought guidance from friends who were seasoned professionals in top creative companies.

Since then, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with numerous clients and creatives, crafting hundreds of captivating videos and stunning photos. I’ve even had the opportunity to work with renowned international brands and connect with incredible individuals who have helped shape my skills in this field.

Leaving the accounting industry was a leap of faith, but I have absolutely no regrets. I am driven to continuously strive for greatness and push my creative boundaries in the pursuit of my dreams. Each experience has been a valuable lesson, and I have absolutely no regrets about leaving the accounting industry.

Nowadays, when I’m not wholeheartedly dedicated to honing my skills, you’ll spot me out and about—either cruising along on my road bike or embarking on leisurely strolls that stretch for miles.

I’m still on a relentless pursuit of greatness in the world of video and filmmaking.